Uniquely designed fireplaces for perfect interiors


We meet highly challenging designs lines and modern design


What others do not dare, for us it is a challenge to which we respond with uncompromising perfectly well realized fireplace


Impeccable design and warmth of the fireplace, a compound that gives the interior of your soul


The tradition in our homes was olmost extinguished rashly, as a symbol of heritage poverty. The urbanization housing, fire enters our homes as an english product.With the first fire, we recognize the countless nights which are generations of our ancestors spent by the fireplace.

The cult of Svarog, the god of the sky, the sun and fire and hearth protector of the Slavs was kept as a folk custom and upon receipt of Christianity, where the burning of the Yule log an integral part of tradicional rituals.

In over forty years to dealing with boilers, steam lokomotives, industrial boilers and fuel, cumously and spontanecusly, thirty years ago i began to enter in the fireplace technology,and stayed there until today. (Twenty years as „Fireplaces Djapo“,Serbia,based in Jagodina and a fifteen years as „Fireplaces Djapo“, representative office in Belgrade).

Family trades of nearly a century encourages desire for external desing, but the basic theme was and remains function-interior-constructive phase of constrction. Today we are doing about 90 fireplace units per year,of which about 70% constuctive and for 20% units we are doing constiction and finalization.

Graduate Mechanical Ingineer
Huso Đapo
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Special offer

Investors who have a desire for building the fireplace in the period from 12.15. to 15.03. and their facilities meet the requirements of construction (closed facility, access to the building, electricity, water, heating may or may not) we offer special benefits in the form of discounts (10-15%) and payment method. Number of contracted projects is limited so we suggest booking terms and advancing, at least 30 days in advance, otherwise if this period booked discounts do not apply.

How to become the owner Djapo fireplace?

In order to provide easier and more accurate to find the ideal solution for setting your fireplace, we made a very simple order form. In just three steps, and in a very short period of time, it is possible to realize your wish of which you might have dreamed of for years. Follow these steps, and Đapo fireplace you already yours!

Ordering fireplaces

By contacting one of our offices, a team of professionals is coming into the field, takes the measures of the space, pictures the interior and records all your requirements on the basis of which offer is formed.


By accepting the offer and with advance payment of 50% of the total amount, we start with realization of making the fireplace.

Firplace installation

After specified deadline, our team of experts installs fireplace, which becomes a part of your interior that you will from now on be proud of, and feel unique!

Reference list

These are places and companies who have given us their trust, and in turn get their own unique stamp.

Restoran PERUN, Hotel Zlatibor-Mona
Etno selo DRVENGRAD, Mećavnik
Apartmani GREEN HILL, Zlatibor
Vila DRINSKA KUĆA, Ovčinja, Bajina Bašta
Vila PREZIDENT, Sremski Karlovci
Etno domaćinstvo KATIĆI, Ivanjica
Eko etno selo VRANEŠA, Kokin Brod
Restoran-pizzeria PANORAMA, Hotel Turist, Kraljevo
Hotel RADMILOVAC, Smederevski put, Beograd
Restoran SALAŠ na Gardošu, Zemun
Restoran ŠARAN, Zemun
Restoran STARI BUNAR, Dušanovac, Beograd
Restoran ORAŠAC , Zvezdara, Beograd
Restoran DEVETKA, Košutnjak, Beograd