Screen size of the fireplace?
Screen size of the fireplace, bright apertune of the screen, width times the height, elected in proportion to the surface and position the fireplace in the room. If bis a dominant position (center a short wall of the room), fireplace is bigger dimensions. In a room with more content(living room), it forms a part of the chimney-club, possible angle, a fireplace is economical when the combustion chamber is view, a fireplace is approximately 2/3 fire, suce as thrifty car speed 70% of max. We often were brought in an awkward situation, that designer insists on a huge screen (up to 2,5m), which has resulted extremely large chimney. Warning that we will deviate of the principle of energy efficiency often not to hear, fireplace is not used for heating, we install a powerful heating system. The user in the exploitation is visibly disappointed with efficiency, invoke us to set up a better way of lighting. Megalomania usually hides the void. When with a truck we go to the store, fuel is much more expensive then croissants.
The material used to furnace?
Often the question is addressed to us: Why is not the fireplace of the fireclay brick (alumino silicates).This material resistant to high temperatures is poor conductor of heat more precisely thermal insulator that prevents warming of hot air chambers. The dominant energy comporent is expressed heat radiation, the uncomfortably for faces in the near, dries face, hands, eyes and warms only the in front. Material for making furnaces it should be thermal conductor-metal. How to copper as the first conductor of heat due to its technological illogicalities turned off offers to us the steel boiler c.1202 or c.1204. The dominant part of the energy over the „hot chamber“ are broadcasted via the pleasantly warm air or hot water (boiler fireplace) while smaller part radiates in a pleasant dose direct heat. The comfusion create floods of journal with high humid air, to whom needs dryer air chamotte, possibly casted fireplace, which drains the beneficial air. Our continental air is dry per the cold, so that chamotte fireplace exacerbates atmosphere, dries hand skin, face, eyes.
Dimensions, materials, position the chimney, resulting from the fireplace. The inherited inert confusion, fireplace being built with factory chimney f200mm. For the fireplace is not necessary required material for building chimneys, chamotte pipe, stainless materials. Devastating element for chinemys is sulfur that is a componion of fossil fuels-coal. The during combustion of sulfur is fomed with a humidity sulfuroxide, which is converted into sulfure acid, which destroys the lime,cement, brick, steel. Smoke of the fireplace all of that not contain, so satisfies clayey bright red brick,drenched with extended mortar, with the plastered chimney. Certainly avoid the yellow brick from the Srem and Podunavlje. Dimensions must be strictly determined on a case, particularly cup-venturi, which more efficiently suck out smoke per stronger winds. Avoid position that requires the fireplace chimney in the outer wall, which results in a very unpleasant odor especially in the spring as a result of cold chimney. The chimney should be defined aceording to the primary construction of a facility-diameter, height.
The balace air consumption?
Fireplace, grill ventilation, air, unwanted drafts, are consumers of air from the rooom. It is necessary to balance of the pressure, so that the supply air is a tad larger from exhaust air. Confusion forms the belief that the traditional homes functioned without all this. Doors, floors and windows are due to imperfections, the provided an abundance of air with hopping from frost in the room and the energy inefficiency. Our conception of the fireplace has the unavoidable supply wich cold air which makes it of autonomous. Unique mechanism closes the flap of the fresh air and flue gases. The problem occurs, when of this the flow of expected to compensate thousands of cubic maters of missing air which is used by other consumers such disorders-kitchen hood, open window on the floor, of the attic inperfect output, named as a thief in the house, shoplifter of air. Solution of this problem exist and should be subject to special consideration.
Energy balance?
With the proverbial lag culture we have energy efficiency from the combustion of wood. The best types of wood: hornbeam, oak, bitter oak, beech and other hard wood gives a 1.5 to2kw/kg of fuel,what products fuel consumption of 5kg per hour, for strenght of 7kw. Boiler fireplace requires twice the mass of wood per hour for 2.5 to 3 times morew the strenght. It seems that this is someone too expensive and if the electricity is 3-7 times more expensive. Easy wood is weaker, especially conifers which fires a dangerous sparks of resin.
The thermal interia of the facility?
Great mass of classically constructed (brick-concerete) facility with a prescribed external thermal insulation is beneficiant but only for continuous heating system-family housing. For holiday homes, houses for our workers from abroad, offices: thermal interia is counterproductive. First you mast warm up dozens hundreds of tons objects that „absorb“ around 5000kcal. or 6kw per ton designs then the room air is heated. After leaving the facility it’s the energy that is slowly losing until the next arrival. The solution is the fragmentation of space: upon arrival heats the living room an at night bedrooms. Example:pleasant suprise have organized investors from the Juhor, which thermo insulation shared on to: 5cm outside 3cm inside plus half-shape withut a special education from thermals but also the experience of hunters after hours spent from hunting watchtower. Investor with a series of works in different locations are most satisfied with the fireplace on the Uvac, easy prefabricated building which starts as a formula 1.
Open or closed fireplace?
In addition to the special ambience of the Balkan-Slav homes in recent decades in demand is not glassed-closed fireplace: less concern safer kids. The closed fireplace has a lower max. strenght, not susceptible to strong winds the ash does not smell at rest. Improved efficiency in the afterburning without undesirable cooling at night. Glass on glass-ceramic is abnormally get dirty, they are difficult to clean and if we are minimize soot. The door of the lift due to the wind vibrates. For maximum heating, the open fireplace is more efficient.
Ash removal?
Ash removal is made possible through a floor grid, that requires withdrawal the ash with flooring. The ashtray is not a decoration on the mantelpiece, often be robust and leads to the scattering of the ashes. A lot of our fireplace is with a flat bottom, where the ashes collects with spatula wholesaler „Merkur“ and others in their distribution networks have in selling a special accessory, that the attaches to the vacuum cleaner, which very easy to removes the ashes from the fireplace.
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