In the available publications general presents a fireplace was made of chamotte and the thermal concrete. NEWSPAPERS ARE COMING FROM England southern France, New Zealand the southern part of the United States and Australia. The climate in the aforementioned regions are mild and very humid and it feels almost like a cold with us. Fireplaces there should be air dried face and hands present.Ideal is chamotte fireplace which predominantly emits heat radiation although it has a modest level of energy efficiency.

Becourse of the sharp continental climate with dry air chamotte fireplace at our place would be roughly jeopardize comfort and almost exlusively we work fireplace with a steel furnace which warms dominantly with warm air (air-heating  fireplace)and with the hot water i.e Boiler fireplace which have much higher energy utilizahon with less air drying and retain a pleasant dase radiation and can already sit on the meter even from the junsdiction of a strong fire.

The dominant energy gets warm air that naturally to stream about firebox and highlights the corresponding holes.

Boiler fireplace is a particular problem and requires a special desing of the system.

Basis of divorce is that the system should certainly be a twin-tube open (with the overflow tank in the attic) and with the upper divorce which allows operation with a sudden power outage when working as gravity. Such a system of freely depreciated and the fire in the fireplace of thirty kilowatts of installed capacity without having to forcefully extinguish.