Technical condition:

Depending on the number of floors and open spaces we recommended screen ratio of fresh air to the chimney.This is achieved by establishing a minimum pressure in the space that establishes a „sucking chimney effect“.

Fireplace choosement:

The production is designed as a single and is unique the usual conception of construction.The starting size is a screen.The screen surface is a product width and height of the same.Screen is not strictly in the funchon the size of the room.When the fireplace is located in the middle of the shorter walls of the room he has dominant and uually builds a big screen.On these other positions is usually discreet and integrated into other elements of urniture rare screen above 75cm width.Starting relation is the ratio of the screen surface and chimneys ehich depending on the number of  storeys of the building 6-10:1.


Fireplace 75*50cm=3750cm at the medium surface relationship7.1 chimney was 3750:7=550cm which corresponds to approximately a masonry chimney from solid brick 25*25cm.

Vertical open spaces in the house-central halls or poen stairs can produce unfavorable subpressure and represent a unhappy copy of the American home of the hot zone USA;

A hic openings-i am often witnessed that the investor is incorporated high quality windows with a perfect sealing thermal bridges a loft hatch cover makeshift covers from 5mm hardboard or dysfunetional hinged staircase with chronically corrupt mechanisms that never closed,and not only that vehemently cooled of the building,but directly competing with the chimney and can produce a nuisance smoke chimney;

Kitchen hoods and other ventilatiors can produce serious overpressure in the space;

In tavern fireplaces repeatedly investor is subsequently installed powerfull suction ventilators whose effectiveness can overcome any kind of chimney.

All these problems can be solved with the harmonization of the sistem,where the investor in the form of project task to present all the requirements and are successfully solved with coordination.

The compositional requirements are especially important  topic.

The most common error is a random selection and installation of the fireplace that for himself and does not need to be unsuccessful but in a given interior represents a complete firelure.

Maxing styles the most common elements of ethno-architecture in an urban environment,with an unfartunate use of brick or rough stone a little forged steel,occasional brass stand something Bavarian facade the occasional gondola from PVC and that s flea market in the flat!

On the fireplace should appear materials that are already present in the interor up to three colors and three materials without unnecessary elements and we will difficult make a mistake.

Oppens a wide area for a creative expression of the designer with the division of tasks on:

  • Designing-Refers to external regulation-inergrating the fireplace in the interior as the work of an arhitect;
  • Designing-represents the resolution of the thermal static and technological issues which is our task.



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