Pizza oven - bread oven was developed after moving dominating fireplace market to the Belgrade.

Professional partners who reside in the archaeological site of Vinca, showed me well-preserved fragments of the bread oven from 5- 6.000 years ago. The stove is half pear shape, there why it is called "krušna peć" on serbian, ("kruška"means pear on serbian) as well as becourse of Slavic word "kruh" (bread) - what is baked in the oven. There is no significant differences in principle between the bread oven from that time and today's pizza oven.

Nearly twenty five years of experience in building pizza ovens was discontinued in some way: in the late eighties we had a small "boom" - pizza ovens on wood, and wherever we have built it, it closed all pizza ovens on gas and electricity in the range of several kilometers. The nineties brought "street pizza" - a piece of dough with some filling, all that on the piece of cardboard - and "goodbye" to hunger. In those years we have been building amateur ovens for family use.

In recent years, pizza oven on wood, with a singularly clear piquancy of dough , subtle and carefully selected filling, takes its rightful place. Of course, for building it, this requires stricter criteria for multiple regimes in terms of temperature, draft, design.

While fireplace is applied termo-tehnique with a wide space for science usage, building of Pizza oven is almost pure craftsmanship, same as oven usage - prepareing a pizza.