Production is modeled as a unique.
After contract, installation is performed for 3 - 5 weeks.


The constructive phase includes:

  • Making furnaces;
  • Installation;
  • Preparation and adaptation of space;
  • Masonry works;
  • Thermal test;
  • The completion of works on a steel furnace;
  • Connecting of the furnace to the same chimney and fresh air supply;
  • Browning visible surfaces with heat-resistant paint coating 700°C;
  • A wide range of art - craft works.
Kamin u konstruktivnoj fazi

Masonry work includes the preparation and final plastering of the surfaces which are not coated with marble or other materials. Practically, the constructive phase includes all work except coating and painting. The Contractor provides material for the complete combustion chamber and all specific materials.

The investor usually provides rough construction materials: sand, lime and cement. If the building site is not active, we provide it by ourselves.

Price of the basic model, screen area of 3-4000cm2 (70×50 cm), air-heating fireplace in the constructive phase is about 1500E (euros). By special request we perform chimney, fresh air supply, glass-ceramic or glass doors, screens, accessories. Boiler fireplace increases the cost about 50 E/KW.

For example, the boiler fireplace with 20 kW heating power,costs:

Basic expence 1500 E
Boiler fireplace - 20kW × 50 E/kW 1000 E
SUM: 2500 E

The price includes the instructions for heat distribution network, but does not include distribution network works, radiators and pumps. Building of distribution network (pumps, pipes, heaters, automatics) is a task for a skilled team of assembly workers, by our recommendation and with their pricelist.

Price for coating is formed for each case individually, depending on the type and quantity of material. The purchase price of granite is inreased for30% based on the costs of processing and manufacturing - measuring, cutting, transportation and installation. Building of chimney is charged per meter.

For equipment for fireplaces (any doors, screens, accessories, barbecue) price is formed per a single item. Generally, the cost of preparing and developing combustion chamber is about 70% of the price, which is the amount of advance.
The rest is paid after the assembly.

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